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I'm Esleiter!

Innova- Latam 2023

Powered by Startup Grind, the Hilton Colon Hotel in Guayaquil became the epicenter of Innovation, Technology, and Networking on November 7 and 8 🏨. This remarkable initiative brought together national and international experts, providing opportunities for learning, growth and creating exceptional connections 💼. High-level speakers, such as Derek Andersen, Lolita Taub, among others, ensured unforgettable moments 🎤, leaving a lasting impact on the audience, of which I was a part. 🚀✨

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<el_hackathon> 🥈 Volumen II

I had the honor of speaking during the opening ceremony as the winning representative of the previous volume. 🏆 This gave me the opportunity to share the stage with distinguished leaders such as Alejandro Cedeño, General Manager of Épico; Rafael Luque, founder of Tipti, Technological Innovator and Entrepreneur; Sebastian Wiesner, Payphone E-Commerce Coordinator; Néstor Ramón, Founder of Disrupt Academy, Representative of Guayaquil Tech. 🚀

🥈 Additionally, we achieved the second place!...

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Nasa Space Apps Challenge (NSAC 2023)

Since I was a young boy, I've always gazed at the sky, hoping to one day connect with the stars in some way 🌌. This challenge was a small step that brings me closer to that dream. Over two intense days of collaboration with my partner 🤝, Kevin Fernández, we developed an application that utilizes data from the DSCOVR satellite on solar activity and 🛰️, through artificial intelligence 🤖, makes predictions about potential alterations in Earth's geomagnetic activity. 🌐✨

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Volume I took place on July 8 and 9, 2023, at TelcoCity of Telconet Latam. A technological challenge proposed by Publifyer that attracted more than 500 programmers 👨‍💻, and where only 120 young professionals participated, organized in teams of up to 5 people.

🥇 We took first place by developing a web application that uses the ChatGPT 💬 and DALL·E 2 🖼️ APIs to generate social media post examples.

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About me

Passionate about software development with experience in web development, studying to be a systems engineer.🚀💻 Graduated as a Machines Tools Technician, with work experience in the metal-mechanic industry. 🎓⚙️ My commitment is to achieve excellence and success in every project I undertake. 💼💪

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